Carnegie Mellon University

Cyber moves fast. You need to be faster. In Carnegie Mellon's Master of Information Technology Strategy program, you'll take classes in the best computer science school in the country while learning the policy and international security issues that affect that technology in the real world. 

The Master of Information Technology Strategy is a cooperative endeavor of the College of Engineering, School of Computer Science, and the Institute for Politics and Strategy.

The rapidly evolving landscape of technology and related cyber challenges requires an understanding of network and cyber operations, data analytics and forensics, cyber security, decision science, politics and strategy, international security, and the ability to apply best practices to solutions. For students interested in becoming leaders with the critical thinking skills and strategic perspective needed to solve challenges within the information and cyber-security domains, the MITS program offers a multi-disciplinary approach within which students obtain:

  • breadth through the study of four areas:  Data Analytics, Politics and Strategy, Information Security, and Software and Networked Systems, and
  • depth through a concentration in one of these four areas.

 Additionally, students carry out a multifaceted, team-based project that allows them to apply learned principles and techniques to a practical problem.

With faculty, research centers, and degree programs of international renown, the program leverages Carnegie Mellon’s broad expertise in the critical areas of cyber security and information dominance, drawing from CMU’s Carnegie Institute of Technology, Institute for Politics and Strategy, and School of Computer Science.

The MITS program provides a multidisciplinary education that prepares students to define and conceptualize:

  • the emerging environment of threats caused by cyber operations;
  • opportunities for enhanced information analysis and exploitation;
  • development and management of innovative information technology systems; and
  • decision-making challenges associated with the above.

Since its establishment, the Master of Information Technology Strategy program has helped shape students into leaders with the critical thinking skills and strategic perspective needed to help work towards solutions for some of the most complex challenges in the information and cyber-security domains.