Carnegie Mellon University

Decision Science for International Relations

Course Number: 84-669

Decision Science looks at choices from three interrelated perspectives: analysis, characterizing decision makers' options, in terms of expected effects on outcomes that they value; description, characterizing decision makers' beliefs and preferences; and interventions, helping decision makers to choose among the options available to them or create better ones. The first half of the course will introduce foundational research in Decision Science. The second half will apply that research to issues in international relations and politics.

Academic Year: 2023-2024
Semester(s): Fall
Units: 12
Prerequisite(s): Some statistics experience
Location(s): Pittsburgh

Fall 2023
Tuesday and Thursday
9:30-10:50 AM 

Counts towards the following CMIST degrees:
Master of Science in International Relations and Politics: International Relations concentration

Master of Information Technology Strategy: Politics and Strategy concentration