Carnegie Mellon University

Diplomacy and Statecraft

Course Number: 84-662

Diplomacy and statecraft are the driving forces behind foreign policy and international politics. In the first part of the course, students are introduced to the concepts, theories, and history of diplomacy. Students survey examine key cases and statesmen and women in great power politics from the Congress of Vienna to the present. Finally, the class surveys contemporary diplomatic challenges related to international security, major power relations with Russia and China, human rights and democracy promotion, and non-traditional transnational threats (human trafficking, global climate change). Both in the classroom and in writing, students are encouraged to think, act, and write like diplomats and to appreciate diplomacy as a vocation. Throughout the course, students build skills in foreign policy memo writing, participate in diplomatic role-playing simulations, build cultural intelligence, and connect diplomatic trend lines with today's international headlines.

Academic Year: 2023-2024
Semester(s): Fall
Units: 12
Location(s): Pittsburgh

Fall 2023
Monday and Wednesday
9:30-10:50 AM

Counts towards the following CMIST degrees:
Master of Science in International Relations and Politics: International Relations concentration

Master of Information Technology Strategy: Politics and Strategy concentration