Carnegie Mellon University

Humanities & Social Sciences and Fine Arts Requirements

(Adopted by MCS College Council during 1994–95 academic year)

All candidates for the bachelor's degree must complete a minimum of 72 units offered by the College of Humanities and Social Science and/or the College of Fine Arts. The humanities, social sciences, and fine arts courses for MCS students are to meet the following distribution requirements:

A. Common Course Requirement, Writing/Expression (9 units)
B. Distributional Course Requirements (27 units)
C. Electives (36 units)

Below are the courses which satisfy the humanities, social sciences, and fine arts requirements for students in the Mellon College of Science. If you have questions about whether a particular course satisfies your requirements, contact your advisor.

A. Common Course Requirement, Writing / Expression (9 units)

Complete the following:

76-101    Interpretation and Argument

B. Distributional Course Requirements (27 units)

Complete three courses, one each from Category 1, Category 2, and Category 3.  Not all courses are available every semester.

Category 1: Cognition, Choice and Behavior

80-100  Intro to Philosophy
80-130  Introduction to Ethics
80-150  Nature of Reason
80-180  Nature of Language
80-208  Critical Thinking
80-220  Philosophy of Science
80-221  Philosophy of Social Science
80-222  Measurement and Methodology
80-230  Ethical Theory
80-241  Ethical Judgments in Professional Life
80-242  Conflict, Dispute Resolution
80-270  Philosophy of Mind
80-271  Philosophy and Psychology
80-312  Philosophy of Mathematics
85-011  AP Psychology
85-100  Introduction to Intelligence in Humans, Animals and Machines
85-102  Introduction to Psychology
85-211  Cognitive Psychology
85-221  Principles of Child Development
85-241  Social Psychology
85-251  Personality
85-261  Abnormal Psychology
85-390  Human Memory
88-120  Reason, Passion and Cognition

Category 2: Economic, Political and Social Institutions

19-101  Introduction to Engineering and Public Policy
36-303  Sampling, Surveys and Society
70-332  Business, Society and Ethics
70-420  Entrepreneurship for Scientists
73-100  Principles of Economics
79-012  AP US History
79-203  Social and Political Change in 20th Century Central and Eastern Europe
79-205  20th Century Europe
79-221  The Development and Democracy in Latin America
79-223  Protest and Dissent in American History
79-245  Capitalism and Individualism in American Culture
79-246  Industrial America
79-252  Recent U.S. History: 1945-Present
79-268  World War I: the Twentieth Century’s First Catastrophe
79-283  Hungry World: Food and Famine in Global Perspective
79-306  Delinquency, Crime and Juvenile Justice
79-331  Crime and Punishment
79-335  Drug Use and Drug Policy
79-340  History of Modern Warfare
79-341  The Cold War in Documents and Film
79-345  American Environmental History:  Critical Issues
79-350  Theories of International Relations
79-377  Food, Culture, Power:  A History of Eating
79-384  Medicine and Society
79-388  Drug Policy in an Era of Globalization
80-135  Introduction to Political Philosophy
80-136  Social Structure, Public Policy and Ethical Dilemmas
80-226  Revolutions in Science
80-235  Political Philosophy
80-236  Philosophy and the Law
80-243  Environmental Management and Ethics
80-245  Medical Ethics
80-276  Philosophy of Religion
80-341  Computers, Society, and Ethics
82-305  French in Its Social Contexts
88-011  AP Government & Politics:  Comparative
88-012  AP Government & Politics:  US
88-104  Decision Processes in American Political Institutions
88-110  Experiments with Economic Principles
88-205  Comparative Politics
99-226  Rachel Carson:  Her Work and Legacy
99-238  Materials, Energy and the Environment

Category 3: Cultural Analysis

57-173  Survey of Western Music History
57-209  The Beatles
66-011  AP Human Geography
70-342  Managing Across Cultures
76-227  Comedy
76-232  African American Literature
76-239  Introduction to Film Studies
76-241  Introduction to Gender Studies
79-011  AP European History
79-015  AP World History
79-104  Global Histories
79-113  Culture and Identity in American Society
79-202  Flesh and Spirit
79-205  20th Century Europe
79-207  Development of European Culture
79-209  Theory and Practice in Anthropology
79-221  Development and Democracy in Latin America
79-225  West African History in Film
79-229  Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1880-1948
79-230  Arab-Israeli Conflict and Peace Process Since 1948
79-235  Caribbean Cultures
79-239  Religions of the World's Peoples
79-240  Development of American Culture (Previously 79-206)
79-241  African-American History I
79-242  African American History: Reconstruction to the Present
79-255  Irish History
79-261  Chinese Culture and Society (Previously 79-270)
79-265  Russian History: From the First to the Last Tsar
79-266  Russian History: From Communism to Capitalism
79-271  Russian Studies Topics
79-281  Introduction to Religion  (Previously 66-250)
79-297  Dilemmas and Controversies in Anthropology
79-301  The Jewish American Experience
79-307  Religion and Politics in the Middle East
79-310  Religions of China
79-311  Introduction to Anthropology (Previously 79-201)
79-345  The Roots of Rock & Roll (Previously 79-218)
79-350  Early Christianity
79-368  Poverty, Charity and Welfare
79-384  Medicine and Society
80-100  Intro to Philosophy
80-151  God in the West
80-250  Ancient Philosophy
80-251  Modern Philosophy
80-253  Continental Philosophy
80-254  Analytical Philosophy
80-255  Pragmatism
80-261  Aesthetics of Mass Art
80-276  Philosophy of Religion
82-011  AP Latin 1
82-012  AP Latin 2
82-xxx  Any course from Modern Languages

C. Electives (36 units)h

Complete 4 non-technical courses of at least 9 units each from any of the departments in DC, CFA or Tepper. These can include language and music courses, for instance. See also:

  • Deletions: a list of courses that do NOT satisfy the non-technical elective requirements
  • Additions: a non-comprehensive list of courses that do satisfy the non-technical elective requirements