Carnegie Mellon University

H&SS and Fine Arts Additions

Certain courses offered in academic units other than H&SS and CFA are considered non-technical and may be taken to fulfill H&SS/Fine Arts requirements. The following courses offered by the EPP and Business Administration departments and by the Heinz School may be used to satisfy the unrestricted H&SS/CFA requirement. Again, this list is not presumed to be exhaustive; we'll try to update it as we learn about new courses. 

Computer Science

Course Title
15-221 Technical Communication for Computer Scientists

Business Administration

Course Title
70-160 Introduction to Graphic Communications I
70-311 Organizational Behavior I
70-312 Organizational Behavior II
70-313 Organizational Power and Politics
70-332 Business and Society
70-335 Business and Labor
70-340 Business Communications
70-343 Interpersonal Communications
70-345 Oral Communications
70-361 Foundations of Law
70-363 Law in Modern American Society
70-365 International Trade and International Law
70-430 International Management

Heinz College

Course Title
90-650 Introduction to Health Care Management
90-712 Public Policy Issues
90-717 Professional Writing
90-718 Professional Speaking
90-733 Urban Development
90-762 Financing Economic Development
90-765 Historical Perspectives on the City
90-767 Politics of Economic Development
90-778 Media and Public Policy
90-799 Negotiation
90-810 Leadership: Innovation and Organizational Change
90-818 Strategic Marketing and Communications
90-820 Strategic Planning
90-821 U.S. Labor Relations
90-828 Ethical Issues in Management
90-841 Management Strategies in a Global Context
90-846 Advanced Topics in Ethics
90-847 Gender and Language in Management