Carnegie Mellon University

Deletions:  Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Business Course Requirements

The intent of the Nontechnical Breadth Requirements is to provide breadth in background and exposure to non-technical areas.  For this reason, certain technical courses from these colleges are excluded.  These courses are listed below, though this list is not presumed to be exhaustive.  New courses will undoubtedly be offered which are not currently listed.  Students who have concerns about whether or not a course can fulfill the requirement can contact Dr. Hovis.

The following courses are considered to be technical courses and may not be used to fulfill the Nontechnical Breadth Requirement:

36-011  AP Statistics
36-200  Reasoning with Data
36-201  Statistical Reasoning and Practice
36-202  Statistics & Data Science Methods
36-207  Probability and Statistics for Business Applications
36-208  Regression Analysis
36-217  Probability Theory and Random Processes
36-225  Introduction to Probability Theory
36-226  Introduction to Statistical Inference
36-247  Statistics for Lab Sciences
36-295  Independent Study
36-303  Sampling, Survey and Society
36-309  Experimental Design for Behavioral & Social Sciences
36-315  Statistical Graphics and Visualization
36-401  Modern Regression
36-402  Advanced Methods Data Mining
36-410  Introduction to Probability Modeling
36-461  Special Topics in Statistics
36-462  Special Topics in Statistics
36-625  Probability and Mathematical Statistics I

MCS Interdisciplinary
38-012  AP Environmental Science

48-215  Materials and Assembly
48-217  Structures
48-315  Environment I:  Climate & Energy
48-400  Advanced Synthesis Options Studio I
48-410  Advanced Synthesis Options Studio II
48-412  Environment II:  Mechanical Systems
48-500  Advanced Synthesis Options Studio III
48-510  Advanced Synthesis Options Studio IV
48-752  Zero Energy Housing

51-341  How Things Are Made
51-401  Senior Design Lab

60-223  IDeATe Portal:  Introduction to Physical Computing

College of Fine Arts
62-150  IDeATe Portal:  Introduction to Media Synthesis and Analysis

Business Administration
70-110  Business Computing
70-122  Introduction to Accounting
70-207  Probability and Statistics for Business Applications
70-208  Regression Analysis
70-371  Operations Management
70-391  Finance
70-428  Financial Statement Analysis
70-451  Management Information Systems
70-453  Business Technology for Consulting
70-460  Mathematical Models for Consulting
70-461  Real Time Decisions with Resource Planning Systems
70-465  Technology Strategy
70-471  Supply Chain Management
70-492  Investment Analysis
70-495  Corporate Finance
70-497  Derivative Securities

73-252  Advanced Microeconomic Theory
73-253  Advanced Macroeconomic Theory
73-265  Economics and Data Science
73-372  International Money and Finance

80-110  Nature Mathematical Reasoning
80-210  Logic and Proofs
80-211  Logic and Mathematical Inquiry
80-223  Causality and Probability
80-305  Choices, Decisions, and Games
80-310  Formal Logic
80-311  Undecidability and Incompleteness
80-314  Causal Discovery, Statistics, and Machine Learning
80-315  Modal Logic
80-316 Causation Probability & AI
80-317  Introduction to Ramsey Theory
80-405  Game Theory
80-411  Proof Theory
80-413  Category Theory
80-511  Thesis Seminar
80-513  Seminar of Philosophy of Mathematics
80-514  Categorical Logic
80-516  Causality and Learning

85-111  Self-Paced Lisp Lab
85-213  Human Information Processing and Artificial Intelligence
85-219  Biological Foundations of Behavior
85-310  Research Methods in Cognitive Psychology

Social & Decision Sciences
88-198  Research Training:  Social and Decision Sciences
88-223  Decision Analysis
88-251  Empirical Research Methods

Additions:  a non-comprehensive list of courses that do satisfy the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Business Course Requirements.