Carnegie Mellon University

H&SS and Fine Arts Deletions

The intent of the H&SS/CFA requirements is to provide breadth in background and exposure to non-technical areas. For this reason, certain technical courses from H&SS are excluded. These courses are listed below, though this list is not presumed to be exhaustive — new courses will undoubtedly be offered which are not currently listed.

The following H&SS courses are considered technical courses and may not be used to fulfill any H&SS requirement:

36-011 AP Statistics
36-201 Statistical Reasoning and Practice
36-202 Statistical Methods
36-207 Probability and Statistics for Business Applications
36-208 Regression Analysis
36-217 Probability Theory and Random Processes
36-221 Engineering Statistics and Quality Control
36-225 Introduction to Probability and Statistics I
36-226 Introduction to Probability and Statistics II
36-247 Statistics for Lab Sciences
36-295 Independent Study
36-303 Sampling, Survey and Society
36-309 Experimental Design for Behavioral and Social Sciences
36-310 Fundamentals of Statistical Modeling
36-315 Statistical Graphics and Visualization
36-401 Modern Regression
36-402 Advanced Data Mining
36-410 Introduction to Probability Modeling
36-461 Topics in Statistics
36-462 Topics in Statistics
36-625 Probability and Mathematical Statistics I
36-626 Probability and Mathematical Statistics II
38-012 AP Environmental Science
48-115 Physics for Architects
48-210 Statics
48-215 Materials and Assembly
48-217 Structures
48-310 Structures II
48-312 Site Engineering and Foundations
48-315 Environment I Climate and Energy
48-410 Environment II Acoustics and Lighting
48-412 Environment III Mechanical Systems
48-415 Advanced Building Systems
48-456 Design and Construction with CIT
48-460 Computer Modeling II
48-526 Corporate Real Estate
48-752 Zero Energy Housing
51-131 Computing Skills Workshop Design
51-223 Computer Basics CD
51-341 How Things Are Made
51-401 Individual and Team Project
51-402 Individual Senior Project
51-423 Introduction Computing in Design
60-112 Introduction to Computational Form
70-122 Introduction to Accounting
70-207 Probability and Statistics for Business Applications
70-208 Regression Analysis
70-371 Production /Operations Management
70-391 Finance
70-428 Financial Statement Analysis
70-451 Management Information Systems
70-453 Systems Analysis and Design
70-456 Telecommunication and Network Management
70-460 Mathematical Models for Consulting
70-461 Real Time Decisions with Resource Planning Systems
70-465 Information Technology Strategy
70-471 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
70-492 Investment Analysis
70-495 Corporate Finance
70-497 Options
70-498 Futures and Swaps
73-226 Quantitative Economic Analysis
73-251 Economic Theory
73-252 Advanced Microeconomic Theory
73-253 Advanced Macroeconomic Theory
73-261 Econometrics
73-360/73-374 Econometrics II
73-392 Financial Economics
73-422 Real Estate Economics and Finance
73-426 Advanced Quantitative Economic Analysis
80-110 Nature Mathematical Reasoning
80-210 Logic and Proofs
80-211 Logic and Mathematical Inquiry
80-222 Measurement and Methodology
80-223 Causality and Probability
80-305 Choices, Decisions, and Games
80-310 Logic and Computation
80-311 Computability and Incompleteness
80-314 Logic and Artificial Intelligence
80-315 Modal Logic
80-316 Probability and AI
80-317 Constructive Logic
80-318 Computability and Proof Search
80-319 Computability and Learnability
80-405 Game Theory
80-410 Computability and Learnability
80-411 Proof Theory
80-412 Intuitionism and Constructive Mathematics
80-413 Category Theory
80-481 Formal Semantics
80-511 Thesis Seminar
80-513 Seminar of Philosophy of Mathematics
80-514 Categorical Logic
80-516 Seminar on Causation
85-111 Self-Paced Lisp Lab
85-120 General Programming
85-213 Human Information Processing and Artificial Intelligence
85-219 Biological Foundations of Behavior
85-310 Research Methods in Cognitive Psychology
85-355 Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience
88-198 Research Training:  Social and Decision Sciences
88-223 Decision Analysis and Decision Support
88-251 Empirical Research Methods