Carnegie Mellon University

Forms for Undergraduates

Academic Success Plan Form

Students will use this form in an effort to further communicate with their advisors for a successful academic career.

Transfer Credit

[Online Form]
This form is for MCS Students who want credit for classes taken at another university.

Declare an Additional Major or Declare a Minor

This form is for students wishing to declare an additional major or declare a minor.

External or Internal Student Transfer or Declare an Additional Degree

This form is for students (either already enrolled in MCS or in another College) who wish to transfer to a specific MCS Department, or for non-MCS students who would like to declare an additional degree in MCS.

MCS College Honors

Students who would like to apply for MCS College Honors should complete this form and schedule a time to speak to their advisor. See the MCS College Honors page for more information.

First-Year Course Schedule Planning Form

[Online Form]
Formerly the Approval Form. Students must get preapproval of their schedule from their advisor. Complete the this form for electronic approval.

Additional forms

More forms may be found at the Hub's website.