Carnegie Mellon University

MCS College Honors

Undergraduates in the Mellon College of Science will be awarded MCS College Honors at the completion of their degree if they have met one of these three requirements:

  1. Successfully completed the Honors BS/MS program in the Department of Chemistry or Department of Mathematical Sciences
  2. Successfully completed the departmental honors program in the Department of Biological Sciences or the Department of Chemistry.
  3. Earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.20 or higher and carried out significant research. Typically, this would consist of an academic project carried out for at least two semesters.
    • However, a single project that spans a summer and a semester or that the research mentor deems to be significant and sustained, even if the student worked for pay rather than credit, will be allowed.
    • In addition, some form of public dissemination of this research, which has been approved by the major advisor, such as a peer reviewed publication, research thesis, or presentation at an external scientific meeting is required.
    • The Meeting of the Minds by itself is not sufficient and participation in a preapproved judged competition, such as Sigma Xi, is necessary.

Students who would like to apply for MCS College Honors should complete this form and schedule a time to speak to their advisor.  Final approval of nominations for MCS College Honors will come from the Dean of MCS and the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs.