Carnegie Mellon University

Post-Graduation Name Change Requests

Alumni of the university may wish to change the name on their university records for a variety of reasons following graduation from the university. Carnegie Mellon University treats all requests for post-graduation name changes equally regardless of the reason for the requested change.

All requests to change the name on university records following a student’s graduation should be directed to the University Registrar’s Office.

Alumni seeking to change the name on a transcript, diploma, or Ph.D. thesis or other university record, such as an alumni record, must submit a Change of Name Request form to the University Registrar’s Office. Documentation of the individual’s current legal name is required to update the name on these records. Alumni will be charged the standard rate for reprinting a diploma.

Requests to change the name that appears on other university records will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis following the submission of the Change of Name Request form. Updates to papers or technical reports with multiple authors must be approved by all the authors of the record.

Carnegie Mellon is unable to change the name that appears on records that were published by third-party entities. Individuals seeking to update such publications should contact the publisher directly. If Carnegie Mellon hosts a local copy of a published paper, upon request (including the URL where the paper is posted) the university will either remove the local copy from the university’s website or replace the local copy with a new version issued by the publisher, subject to applicable copyright and licensing rights.