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A Carnegie Mellon University transcript is a student's official documentation of courses completed and degrees awarded. This includes courses and final grades for each semester. It always includes both the undergraduate and graduate record (as applicable), as well as any transfer or advanced placement credit.

There is a document and service fee of $10 per transcript, and there are extra fees for express mailing, depending on the service and destination.

Questions may be directed to

Submitting a Transcript to CMU

Ordering a Transcript

We have partnered with Credentials Solutions to provide online transcript ordering. Transcripts may be ordered through Credentials Solutions for electronic delivery, USPS first class mail or express delivery.

While Credentials Solutions is the preferred method, students and alumni may also order a transcript via walk-in service at The HUB. The HUB does not mail transcripts ordered via walk-in service; all digital and mail orders must be processed through Credentials Solutions.

Credentials Solutions

To order a transcript via Credentials Solutions, choose from the options below. We suggest using the following web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. 

Currently Enrolled Students: Currently enrolled students may log in through Student Information Online (SIO) to access online transcript ordering with no further authorization needed.

Alumni / Former Students: Alumni or former students may order transcripts online directly through the Credentials Solutions website. Additional authorization may be needed to complete the order. Electronic delivery services is available for students attending CMU after 1989.