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October 25, 2021

For Faster Payments & Refunds, Go Paperless

Students seeking fast, easy ways to handle their finances at Carnegie Mellon can elect a number of paperless payment options, including My Plaid Student (MPS), online banking, and Flywire for international payments.

Online banking and MPS are two of the quickest and most convenient ways for students with U.S. bank accounts to manage funds. After enrolling in online banking, students managing their own finances can make payments to, and receive refunds from, the university in a few simple steps. My Plaid Student (MPS) is a convenient option for those whose parents or family members make tuition payments, allowing family members and other designated individuals to view invoices and account activity, make payments to the university and more.

Students who do not have a U.S. bank account may wish to open one or make payments using Flywire. Flywire streamlines the tuition payment process for international students, offering excellent foreign exchange rates and allowing fast, secure payments to be made in a student’s home currency (generally).

Following The HUB’s transition to cashless payments, paperless options are the most convenient, simple and secure ways to manage finances.

Questions about paperless options may be directed to