Carnegie Mellon University

Introduction to Purchasing

This course provides an overview of the university's purchasing environment, reviews policies, processes and procedures, and defines the responsibilities and obligations of an authorized buyer when purchasing on behalf of the university. This course is a prerequisite for Purchasing Card (PCard) Training, HazMat Card Training, and Oracle Purchase Order training. Completing this course and passing the certification assessment is required to be eligible to hold a PCard or HazMat Card or create purchase orders in the Oracle Financials System.

In order to pass this course, a minimum of 19 questions out of 23 must be answered correctly. This will be referenced by the Business Systems and Services Team to determine additional training class and system access eligibility.

This course takes approximately 80 minutes to complete but does not need to be completed all in one sitting.  You may stop and return to the course at any time. To experience the full multimedia content of this course, please be sure that your computer has a functional sound card and that your speakers or headphones are connected.