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University Audit Services is comprised of Internal Audit (IA) and Purchasing Card Audit Services. Through our various audit services and continuous monitoring programs, we partner with university management in evaluating risk mitigation practices, safeguarding of assets and university funds, compliance with laws, regulations and policies, and maintaining and reporting reliable information. We serve the university by upholding the highest professional standards, raising awareness and communicating best practices in internal controls, and identifying opportunities for continuous enhancement within the university. Our goal is to contribute to the overall improvement of the university by identifying and assessing risk and providing information to management in order to better respond to changing business conditions.

Our Internal Audit (IA) group is responsible for assuring that financial and operational controls are in place and working properly throughout the university. Our audit engagements range from audits of smaller departments to large schools, as well audits of specific departmental and university-wide processes. Our goal is to provide a beneficial service to each of our clients by identifying control weaknesses and inefficiencies, and recommending ways to correct them. Our evaluations are objective and professional.

Our Purchasing Card Audit Services’ group is responsible for the continuous auditing and monitoring of the university’s purchasing card program. We are responsible for performing the following in relation to the purchasing card program:

  • Monthly audit procedures enhanced through data analysis tools
  • Issuance of Non-compliance notifications based on audit results
  • Regular update of findings and trends to Finance and the university community
  • Closed Card audits and other special requests


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ethics hotline

Visit the Carnegie Mellon Ethics Hotline webpage to learn how to confidentially report suspected unethical activity relating to financial matters.