Carnegie Mellon University

Oracle Internet Expenses - Expense Report Application Course

This course teaches users how to complete each step of the expense report process using the Oracle Internet Expenses Expense Reporting Application. Completing this course and passing the certification assessment is required for access to the application. The minimum passing grade for this course is 81% (at least 13/16 questions correct) and each user can attempt the certification up to (3) times.  Once you have successfully completed the certification assessment, along with the successful completion of the CMU Finance Fundamentals course, you can request access to an IE Expense Reports responsibility through the Online Forms System. 

This course takes approximately 45 minutes to complete, but does not need to be completed all in one sitting. You may stop and return to the course at any time. To experience the full multimedia content of this course, please be sure that your computer has a functional sound card and that your speakers or headphones are connected.