Carnegie Mellon University

Onboarding Information for Vendors/Suppliers

Effective April 1, 2024, Carnegie Mellon University is using PaymentWorks as our vendor/supplier registration and onboarding platform. New and existing university vendors/suppliers are required to register and create/maintain a profile in PaymentWorks in order to do business with the university and receive payment(s). This ensures that both the university and its vendors/suppliers can leverage the benefits outlined on the CMU Vendor/Supplier Onboarding page. The information provided below outlines how CMU buyers can leverage the PaymentWorks platform and provides a high-level vendor/supplier onboarding process overview.

University vendors/suppliers can utilize PaymentWorks to:

  • Create their vendor/supplier profile (upon receiving an invitation to do so)
  • Update and maintain vendor/supplier information (e.g. supplier name, contact information, remittance addresses, ACH information)

Existing vendors/suppliers who have completed the registration process and have a profile in PaymentWorks should review the information in their profile on a regular basis to ensure it is current and accurate. If changes are needed, please log in to PaymentWorks and make the necessary updates.

New Vendor/Supplier Registration Process Overview

New vendors/suppliers will receive an invitation from PaymentWorks to complete the Supplier Questionnaire. A CMU buyer must complete the ‘Invite New Vendor Questionnaire’ in the PaymentWorks Supplier Onboarding platform to initiate the process and route through any necessary approvals. Please work with your CMU contact to identify a buyer in the school/division you are doing business with to initiate the new vendor/supplier invitation process as needed. Vendors/suppliers must complete the CMU specific questionnaire even if they have already created a PaymentWorks profile/completed a questionnaire for another customer.