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Doing Business with Carnegie Mellon:
Supplier Programs and Other Information for Suppliers

Small Business Can Support Carnegie Mellon

If you are a small business as classified by the Small Business Administration, we ask you to register at the Government's Central Contractor Registration site in support of our reporting to the Federal Government. When registering at this web site, you are requested to obtain a DUNS number. There is no charge for obtaining this number. Please contact D&B at 866-705-5711 to obtain your free DUNS Number.

To be a Standard Supplier to Carnegie Mellon University via Purchase Orders

Carnegie Mellon uses an integrated procurement and financial system, based upon Oracle applications and databases, to generate purchase orders and produce payments to suppliers, contractors and vendors. In order to create purchase orders and checks, the system must contain sufficient supplier data for that purpose. Therefore, to be an eligible provider of good and services to the university, all suppliers must complete a Supplier Information Form and the appropriate W-9 (domestic) or W-8 (foreign) certificate. See the US Supplier Information Package for this information. Only submit these forms if requested to do so by a university buyer or the Procurement Services Department.

Carnegie Mellon Preferred Supplier Program

Procurement Services manages the Preferred Supplier Program, which provides for the negotiation of reasonable price and service agreements for specific goods and services. The program incorporates a commodity management strategy. The program formalizes the relationship with suppliers who are selected based on procurement volume and their strategic and economic benefit to the university. See our US Supplier Information Package for additional information.

Other Information for Carnegie Mellon Suppliers Goods:

  • All purchasing card purchases and all Oracle purchase order acquisitions with non-Preferred Suppliers for less than $10,000 incorporate "Carnegie Mellon University Purchase Order General Terms and Conditions" 
  • All orders that equal or exceed $10,000 with non-Preferred Suppliers incorporate the University's "Extended General Terms and Conditions and Shipping Instructions" 
  • Orders that equal or exceed $10,000 under federally funded contracts with non-Preferred Suppliers incorporate the University's "Extended General Terms and Conditions and Shipping Instructions" plus "Supplement A - Federal Agency Requirements/Regulations" 
  • All of the above forms are available on the Terms and Conditions Forms page 


Services have specific contractual terms and conditions documents that must be agreed upon or negotiated and signed by an authorized signatory for the university and the supplier. Some examples are:

  • Entertainment Performance Agreement 
  • Consultant Agreement
  • Professional Services Agreement
  • Professional Services Agreement - Software Programming
  • Speakers Agreement(s)
  • No Charge Contracts for Equipment Evaluation of Supplier Loaned Equipment 
  • Hotel, Banquet and/or Conference Services Agreement (outside Allegheny County)
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
Many forms have been standardized and are on the University Contracts page.