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Getting Started

Request an invitation by sending an e-mail to Look for the registration email that will be sent directly from ( Then choose the scenario on the First Time User Registration Guide [.pdf] that applies to you and following those instructions.

Invitations to register expire after 21 days.

If you previously used your email address to register for an individual Amazon Business account, you will need to deregister that account to be eligible for the central Amazon Business account. Your information and order history will still exist and will follow the user to the next Amazon Business account if you choose to convert your existing account when accepting the invitation. All previous, stand-alone, Amazon Business accounts will be consolidated under the central Amazon Business account. See the next FAQ for how to deregister your account.

  1. Log into your business account
  2. Download an order history report for the past six to 12 months
  3. Click the following link to deregister your existing account:

Note: The terminology on this screen can be confusing. Rest assured your order history will not be lost and your account will be converted back to an Amazon consumer allowing you to join the central Amazon Business account.

Once you are done, please email Procurement Services at to request an invitation to the central Amazon Business account.

Follow the steps in scenario two on the First Time User Registration Guide [.pdf] to merge your account.

There are two reasons you would see this error:

  1. You are trying to deregister a non-Business account. You do not need to do this. No further action is required until you receive an invitation to join the CMU Amazon Business Prime account from the account administrator.
  2. You are trying to deregister a Business account for which you are not the account administrator. Only account administrators can deregister their business accounts. The CMU Amazon Business Prime account administrator must deregister the account for you.

You are asked to enter a password because you have an existing account with Amazon with your email address. If you cannot remember the password, please select the “forgot password” button to reset. If you are still having trouble resetting the password, please call Amazon Business Customer Service at 888-281-3847 and ask them to reset it for you.

Once your password has been reset, you should either follow scenario three to separate out your order history or scenario two to merge your existing account into. See the First Time User Registration Guide [.pdf] for more information.

No. The central Amazon Business Account must be used only for university business purchases. Procurement Services will have access to all purchasing history made through the central Amazon Business account, which will be reviewed.

Please contact Amazon Business Customer Service online (preferred method) or at 888-281-3847.

Please contact Amazon Business Customer Service online (preferred method) or at 888-281-3847, and they will help troubleshoot this issue for you.

No. You are only permitted to join the central Amazon Business account with your email address.

Follow the steps in scenario three on the First Time User Registration Guide [.pdf] to separate your accounts. This walks you through changing the email associated with your personal account to a personal email address, so you can utilize your address on the business account.

You are welcome to continue to use your personal Amazon account for personal purchases. All university business purchases must be made within the central Amazon Business account under your email address.

If you currently use your email address on a personal Amazon account and you do not have a personal email address, you will need to set one up with a standard, easy to use, mail supplier like Then follow the steps in scenario three on the First Time User Registration Guide [.pdf] to separate your accounts.

Payment Method

All purchases must be made with a university purchasing card. Your university purchasing card information can be entered ahead of time in ‘Your Account’ or during the checkout process. Payment instruments are visible to Procurement Services and are subject to audit.

Buying Policies

Group administrators can add or remove accounts at the department-level, set up custom approval workflows, and run department-level spend analytics. Designating a group administrator is optional and can be done at any time by the department's Administrative Leadership Group (ALG) member. To do so, ALG members can contact Procurement Services at

Approval workflows within the central Amazon Business account are optional and can be setup and customized by your department’s group administrator.

This means that your department’s group administrator created workflow approvals for certain orders based on a dollar amount and/or buying policies. Please see your group administrator for more information about your department’s approval workflow.

Note: Items such as digital products and gift cards do not go through approval workflows.

You will receive an email notification immediately after you place your order and again once your group administrator approves the order. Your order will not be fulfilled and shipped until it is approved.

The central Amazon Business account includes all items that are available on, plus additional business-specific products.

Several product categories may contain items that are not compliant with the Carnegie Mellon University Purchasing Policy. You may see “Company Restricted” messaging throughout the shopping experience. Product pages marked as “Company Restricted” are available for purchase; however, you are responsible for ensuring your purchases are compliant with university policies and guidelines.

For hard to find items sold by a specific supplier, you can search for suppliers by name and apply filters, such as star rating and business location of the supplier, to narrow down your search results. You can also use a combination of search and filters. Once you find a supplier, you can add them to your list of saved suppliers. The list makes it easy for you to learn more about your favorite suppliers. You can visit a supplier’s profile page (their storefront), or contact them by selecting “Ask a question.”

To add a supplier to your saved suppliers list, do either of the following:

  • Search for a supplier, then in the search results, select “Save for Later” from the action menu
  • Navigate to a seller's profile page by selecting the seller name, then select “Save for Later”

To remove a supplier from your Saved Suppliers list, do either of the following:

  • Select “Remove from Saved” in your list of saved suppliers
  • Navigate to the seller's profile page, then select “X Remove Supplier”

Tax Exemption 

Because Amazon provides a marketplace made up of millions of sellers, there are instances when sellers may still charge tax on a tax exempt purchases. These items will be flagged as such; however, if you must proceed with a purchase you can contact the seller directly to request the refund by following these steps:

Contact the seller directly to request the refund by following these steps:

  1. From within your account, navigate to “Your Orders”
  2. Find the item that was charged tax and click “Contact the Seller”
  3. Enter subject as “Tax Exemption Refund Request”
  4. Include the order number and amount charged
If you have issues contacting the seller, or other order related questions, please contact the Amazon Business Customer Service team online (preferred method) or at 888-281-3847.

Learn more about CMU’s tax exemption program and exceptions at


The person who placed the order will receive a confirmation email that will state the estimated delivery date and shipping speed.

From within your account, navigate to “Your Orders.” The default view will display all orders “Paid For By You.”

You can view real-time delivery details for all pending orders, including estimated delivery date and carrier information. From within your account, navigate to Your Orders > Track Package.

Yes, you can create lists by following these steps:

  1. Hover over lists in upper right corner of your central Amazon Business account screen and select create a list
  2. Select “This list is for: you” from the dropdown menu
  3. Select list type: Shopping List or Reorder List
  4. Name the list
  5. Choose Private under Privacy
  6. Select Create List


Please use the CMU Master Building List [.pdf] to identify your official delivery address and follow the campus addressing protocol below. This is a critical step to ensure your delivery professional can navigate CMU campus.

Once university cardholders are registered for the central Amazon Business account, they should setup their official delivery address within Amazon by going to Your Account > Your Addresses > Add Address. When you check out, be sure to double-check all fields. The university strongly recommends the following address protocol for all non-USPS deliveries including Amazon Business deliveries:

Amazon Business Field Recommended Entry
Full Name [First and Last Name] and [Department Name]
Street Address Line 1 [Building Name] and [Room # or Dept. Mail Room #]
Street Address Line 2

[Building Street Address]
Consult with your department administrator for guidance

City Pittsburgh
State PA
Zip 15213
unless otherwise noted on CMU Master Building List [.pdf]
Phone [Phone number or department mail room number]
Delivery instructions [Signature required. DO NOT LEAVE PACKAGE UNATTENDED]

Do not use 5000 Forbes Ave. as a default street address for Amazon Business orders. 5000 Forbes Ave. is only allowable when:

  • Your parcel will be delivered via United States Postal Service
  • Your department is housed in Warner Hall, the only campus building with an official street address of 5000 Forbes Ave.

Note: Personal packages destined for faculty or staff should not be addressed to a campus location. 

If your order will not go through, please validate that your university card is not expired and your billing address is correct. Check with your account administrator regarding any university card transaction limits.


To return an item, follow these instructions:

  1. Access your Amazon Business account
  2. Navigate to “Your Orders” to find the item(s) you want to return.
  3. From Your Orders, select Return or Replace items
  4. Choose a reason for return
  5. Print label and authorization
  6. Prepare package and return label

Items shipped and sold by can be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment. Return policies and timeframes can vary if the purchase was made from a third-party seller.

Business Prime

Millions of products are eligible for Business Prime shipping and are designated with the Prime logo. You’ll be charged applicable shipping fees for items not eligible for Business Prime shipping. Learn more.

Besides free two-day shipping on millions of eligible items, Business Prime shipping provides all employees on the central Amazon Business account access to Prime Early Access and Prime Day deals. Business Prime shipping currently does not include consumer programs, such as Prime Pantry, Fresh, Music or Video.

The central Amazon Business account has Business Prime shipping that covers all registered users, so individual Prime memberships are no longer necessary. If you previously purchased an individual Prime membership with your university card, a pro-rated refund will be automatically calculated and issued to the original payment source when you convert into the central Amazon Business account.

No. Business Prime shipping benefits can only be used for university business purchases with the central Amazon Business account.

If you were using your business email for your personal Amazon account and purchased a Prime membership for university business purchases with personal funds, you will have the option during the central Amazon Business account registration process to separate your personal order history and Prime membership to a personal account. Follow the steps in scenario three on the First Time User Registration Guide [.pdf] to separate your accounts.

Other Amazon Programs

Yes, on your first visit to Amazon Smile (, you are prompted to select a charitable organization from our list of eligible organizations. You can change your selection at any time. Every item available for purchase on Amazon Business is also available on Amazon Smile ( at the same price. You will see eligible products marked "Eligible for Amazon Smile donation" on their product detail pages.

Note: At this time Carnegie Mellon University is the only approved charitable organization that you can associate with your business account.

For additional questions, contact Procurement Services at

Customer Service and Feedback

Amazon Business Customer Service can be reached online (preferred method) or at 888-281-3847 (you will be required to provide additional information to validate your account by phone). Please use this team for anything relating to an order, transaction, shipment and general Amazon-related inquiries.

We value your input! We want to hear what’s working well and what you would like to see improved. Email your feedback to Procurement Services at