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Supplier Inquiry Frequently Asked Questions

Using the AP Inquiry responsibility or the POREQ Buyer and Approver responsibility, navigate to: Suppliers->Inquiry or Supply Base->View Suppliers.  The Find Suppliers window will open.  Use the List of Values icon  in the Supplier Name field to search for suppliers that are in the Oracle system.  Use the flashlight to query by name, or by alternate name.  Use the “%” symbol as a wildcard.  For example, %HILTON%HOTEL%.  For more information and inquiry instructions, please see the Supplier Inquiry guide found on the Business Applications Development and Support User Guides page.
The Alternate Name is the field in Oracle that is used for what is referred to as ‘DBAs’ – those companies ‘Doing Business As’ another company name.  For example, if you were looking in Oracle for the Shadyside Inn, you would not find the Shadyside Inn in the list of Supplier Names in the system.  Instead, you could use the Alternate Name field and query that field for the Shadyside Inn.  In this example, Shadyside Inn would be found and Plesset Properties would appear as the Supplier Name in Oracle.  For more information and inquiry instructions, please see the Supplier Inquiry guide found on the Business Applications Development and Support User Guides page.
A listing of suppliers (available to be sorted alphabetically or by commodity) who are either preferred suppliers, contract/discount suppliers, or campus suppliers is posted on the Procurement Services site.
While other reasons may exist for why a supplier is marked as inactive, the most common reason for this is based on the fact that CMU has not done business with the supplier (indicated by POs/Invoices/Payments not being created for the supplier) in 24 or more months.
Inactive supplier can be re-activated but, due to the possibility of changes to their address/banking/business information, all supplier re-activations are required to be processed through PaymentWorks by completing a supplier invitation.
To see the sites that are associated with each supplier, use the Supplier Inquiry function to find the particular supplier you are interested in and then click on the ‘Sites’ button.  You can scroll through the different sites that have been setup for the supplier based on the information received on the supplier information forms and/or the invoices received from the supplier by using the down arrow key on your keyboard or by clicking the flashlight (query) icon on the toolbar when you have the site name highlighted.
Yes.  You can complete the Accounts Payable Copy Site Form [.pdf] which is located on the Finance Forms page.

Please note that supplier information is not copied from the QAR or AUS set of books into the US set of books.
Yes.  Per section 7.19 of the Procurement Procedures document: 

“The University's Trademark Licensing Office protects the use of Carnegie Mellon trademarks. The use of the University's trademarks on consumer goods produced, ordered or sold by faculty, staff or students of Carnegie Mellon must be approved in writing by the Trademark Licensing Office prior to production of each item. Items include, but are not limited to, brochures, binders, T-shirts, coffee mugs, tickets, balloons, uniforms, booths and exhibits.

The Trademark Licensing Office has established licensing agreements with a number of suppliers who provide a variety of products. A complete list of all current licensees can be obtained by contacting the Trademark Licensing Office. Individuals or groups seeking a supplier should first review this list to determine if the required items may be obtained from one of the current licensees. Note that not all licensees are Preferred Suppliers. If it is necessary to use a supplier that is not licensed, consult the Trademark Licensing Office.

For more detailed information regarding the use of Carnegie Mellon's trademarks, refer to the Policy for Use of Carnegie Mellon Trademarks or contact the Trademark Licensing Office at 412-268-3904.”