Carnegie Mellon University
September 19, 2022

Training Resources Spotlight: New E-Learning Travel Card Training

The Travel Card Training E-Learning course is now available in the Open Learning Initiative
(OLI). This course provides detailed information on the university’s Travel Card program, reviews
policies, processes and procedures, and defines the responsibilities and obligations of an
authorized university Travel Card holder, when purchasing on behalf of the university. This class
is required to obtain a university Travel Card. For more information, including how to access the
course, visit the Travel Card E-Learning course webpage.

The instructor-led Travel Card training course will continue to be offered for a period of time
in conjunction with the new e-learning course. To register for the instructor-led course, visit FocusU.

Individuals requesting a university travel card must complete either the E-learning or the instructor-led
travel card training prior to obtaining a card.

View the Training Matrix [pdf] for a full list of required training. For questions, contact