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Working Papers

Golman, Russell, Erin Bugbee, Aditi Jain, and Sonica Saraf. “Hipsters and the Cool: A Game Theoretic Analysis of Social Identity, Trends, and Fads.” (R&R at Psychological Review)

Golman, Russell, George Loewenstein, Andras Molnar, and Silvia Saccardo. “The Demand for, and Avoidance of, Information.” (R&R at Management Science

Chaudhry, Shereen and Russell Golman. “Team Chemistry: Apologizing Beats Blaming on the Basketball Court.”

Golman, Russell. “Acceptable Discourse: Social Norms of Beliefs and Opinions

Huang, Shu, Stephen Broomell, and Russell Golman. “Getting More Wisdom from the Crowd: When Weighting Individual Judgments Reliably Improves Accuracy or Just Adds Noise.”

Published Papers

Golman, Russell, Nikolos Gurney, and George Loewenstein. “Information Gaps for Risk and Ambiguity.” Psychological Review  2021, 128: 86-103.

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Featured on The Academic Minute

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