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Meet the Faculty - Fall 2023

Meet some of the amazing faculty teaching Dietrich College General Education courses this semester.

Learn more about them, including their teaching philosophy, research interests or advice to students.

Stephen Wittek
Contextual Thinking - Stephen Wittek
76-247: Shakespeare: Comedies and Romances

Karam Kang
Computational Thinking - Karam Kang
73-265: Economics and Data Science

Ezelle Sanford
Intercultural and Global Inquiry - Ezelle Sanford
79-120: Introduction to African American History: Black Americans and the World

Jason D’Antonio
Scientific Inquiry - Jason D’Antonio
03-135 Structure and Function of the Human Body

Yoshihiro Yasuhara
The Arts - Yoshihiro Yasuhara
82-278: Japanese Film and Literature: The Art of Storytelling

David Rode
Additional Disciplines: Business - David Rode
88-150: Managing Decisions

Noah Theriault
Perspectives on Justice and Injustice - Noah Theriault
79-380: Hostile Environments: The Politics of Pollution