Carnegie Mellon University

Program Assessment

The new General Education program is complemented by a purposeful, data-driven assessment process that will evaluate the effectiveness of the General Education program in the short- and long-term.

We aim for program assessment that is transparent, objective, realistic, iterative, and supported by best practices. We promise to maintain student privacy and use what we’ve learned to continuously improve the student experience for all. All incoming Dietrich College students will have the opportunity to learn more about how we do this during the summer Canvas course that they complete prior to registration for the fall semester. 

It is important to note that program assessment is completely separate from the assessment process for individual courses and for specific faculty. Student grades and faculty evaluations will not be impacted by program assessment in any way. In fact, course-based data will not be collected or analyzed until after final grades for each General Education course are submitted.

Our program assessment utilizes five data sources to help us understand the degree to which students are reaching the designated learning outcomes across the Dietrich General Education program:

a graphic showing the 5 data sources: institutional and college analytics, direct standardized measures, student artifacts, quantitative and qualitative data and student surveys