Carnegie Mellon University

Academic Audit

When students are deciding what courses to take, an Academic Audit is the first place to start. 

Our academic audit system, known as Stellic, has information about the student: name, major (if declared), class level, school (Dietrich College), Andrew ID, cumulative QPA, degree progress, Advisor, and options to search for any CMU major or minor audit and create long term course plans.

The General Education (GenEd) program is listed by Categories. Students can use the GenEd website to find the courses that fulfill the "unfilled units" list in the Academic Audit Report. When students are taking a course, it will list the course number, the semester it was taken, the grade, and the number of units. Courses that students have taken but are not needed for this particular audit will be listed separately. These courses count towards the unit total for graduation. Students are encouraged to contact their AAC advisor with any questions about their GenEd program courses.

All requirements for the chosen major are listed with the GenEd requirements. Students should contact their Primary Major advisor with any questions about completing courses for a major and graduation.