Carnegie Mellon University

Cross-Registration (PCHE)

Full-time Carnegie Mellon students may take courses for credit through the Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education (PCHE). The purpose is to provide opportunities for enriched educational programs by permitting full-time paying undergraduate and graduate students to cross-register for one course per semester at any of the ten PCHE institutions listed below. Carnegie Mellon students should not cross-register for a course that is offered through Carnegie Mellon during the semester unless their associate dean feels there is an exceptional circumstance. For many students, it is not advisable to cross-register for any class in the last semester before graduation, as final grades may not be available in time for certifying graduation. 

Carnegie Mellon students who are registered for at least 36 units prior to adding a PCHE course will not have additional tuition charges, except for special course or laboratory fees for the cross-registered courses. Carnegie Mellon students do not acquire enrollment status at the host institution, but they do have library and bookstore privileges. Credit and grades are transferred directly to the home institution. Cross-registration applies to fall and spring semesters only


Students must submit a PCHE (pdf) form to their home registrar's office prior to their host institution's first day of classes. For example, Carnegie Mellon students wishing to register for University of Pittsburgh courses should submit the PCHE form to the CMU Registrar's Office prior to the start of Pitt's semester. Please read the instructions for the form thoroughly. If you have trouble opening this form, please save it to your computer and open it using Adobe Reader. For detailed information, view troubleshooting instructions

Emergency Alerts:

We encourage all students studying here at Carnegie Mellon, and those cross-registered at other PCHE institutions, to register for the host institution’s Emergency Alert System. Registering will alert you to school and building closures, as well as notify you of any emergency that occurs on the campus or in the vicinity. To the right, select the institution to view their emergency alert website: