Carnegie Mellon University

General Education Curriculum

Dietrich College students are required to fulfill courses within each General Education category (outlined below) prior to graduation. These courses are designed to complement students’ major areas of study to help develop foundational skills essential to effective learning throughout their college career and beyond. Students may double count their general education requirements with requirements for any other major or minor.

gen ed

Freshman Five Requirements

The Freshman Five courses comprise a portion of the general education curriculum. They are taken in a Dietrich College student’s first year and are designed to assist them in developing a well-rounded academic foundation. Typically students will take Computing at Carnegie Mellon and 2 additional Freshman Five courses during the fall semester of their first year and the remaining 2 courses in the spring semester.

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The AAC Advisors are students’ primary contact for questions related to the general education curriculum. Students are encouraged to speak with their advisor regarding their progress towards meeting the requirements.