Carnegie Mellon University

2023 Recipients - Third Quarter

Customer Service

Lee Yuhas

"There are multiple reasons why we feel that Lee should receive an award. Some situations can often bring out the worst or best in a person. For Lee is was the later. Two staff typically install & decommission server/storage gear for our division. One is Lee and the other had been Nate Dufresne. Nate also provided help to our campus customers with our physical co-location service. Our 3rd staff member is Dave Kalbaugh whose focus is primarily infrastructure related to the data center such as power and cooling. Over the past year Nate transitioned to Network Operations and only recently we back filled his position. For roughly a year, Lee has stepped up to the plate by solely taking care of the duties that Nate previously helped with. In the process, Lee has developed good relationships with our campus customers for the physical co-location service. Lee has also been helping Dave with all of the data center infrastructure."

Group Performance

Marisa Daugherty, Dave Kalbaugh, and Mallory Vaughn

"The recent moves of the Unix and CS Gold teams are just a couple of examples of many moves these folks have coordinated over the past several years. Often these move are between different buildings. This requires them to be very organized, efficient, and patient. They are very professional, very collaborative, and go over and above in their willingness to help folks. My team members have been very impressed with the effectiveness of Dave, Marisa, and Mallory, thus resulting in many smooth office moves."


Second Quarter

Chris Dalansky – Customer Service
Matt Carrick – Leadership
Justin Braden, Alison Campbell, Luke Hottinger, Krishna Meringenti, Roman Mitz, Vince Nils, Derek Sommer, John Zamperini – Group Performance

First Quarter

Charles Slivkoff – Customer Service
Dave McMurtrie – Leadership
David Schreib – Innovation