Ticket Sales Policy-University Student Center - Carnegie Mellon University

Ticket Sales Policy

The University Center Information Desk provides a ticket sales service for organizations requiring assistance with the sale of their event tickets. In order for us to provide service efficiently and effectively, the following terms and conditions must be adhered to:

Event timing

  1. A representative from the sponsoring organization must meet with a member of the University Center administrative staff at least one week prior to the sale of tickets unless other arrangements have been made.
  2. All tickets and information must be given to the University Center staff at least two full business days before the tickets go on sale.
  3. Tickets will go on sale no sooner than two weeks prior to the event. The University Center staff reserves the right to limit the amount of time the tickets will be on sale based on the number of events the Information Desk is selling tickets for.
  4. The organization must inform the University Center staff immediately when there are event changes (e.g., date, time, location) and changes to other matters related to the ticket sales at the Information Desk.

Ticket sales

  1. The sponsoring organization must submit the Ticket Sales Form for approval.
  2. The University Center Information Desk will not handle any signups or hand out any event material at the point of sale. Our focus is solely on ticket sales. Any other accompanying requirements with the sale must be handled by the organization.
  3. The tickets must bear the following information: Organization name, event time, date, time, location, and ticket price. Tickets must also be sequentially numbered.
  4. If additional tickets are provided after sales have begun, another ticket agreement should be submitted.
  5. The Information Desk will not refund any money for ticket sales. This must be done by the organization.
  6. Although efforts will be made to secure the tickets when they are with the University Center staff, the University Center will not assume nor bear any responsibility for missing or stolen tickets.
  7. The Information Desk accepts cash, Plaid Ca$h, credit card, or check payment and will take full responsibility for the monies collected from the sale of tickets.
  8. The money from the sale of tickets will be deposited directly in the student organization’s account. The organization must provide the account’s Oracle string on the submitted Event Fact Sheet.
  9. All questions regarding the status of the ticket sales should be directed to the University Center staff, not the Information Desk attendant.

Other information

  1. The sponsoring organization must inform the University Center staff if the Information Desk’s name is used in any of its publicity materials.
  2. The University Center staff reserves the right to make changes to this agreement as it deems fit without prior notice.
  3. The University Center staff reserves the right to terminate the sale of tickets if the event is questionable, biased, or prejudicial in nature and/or content.
Comments and questions regarding ticket sales should be directed to Stanley Krowitz, Evening Building Manager, at skrowitz@andrew.cmu.edu