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Athletics Facilities Policies

You must present your CMU ID at the Equipment Desk for a wristband if you want to use the University Center exercise facilities. Wristbands must be worn on either wrist during your use of the exercise facilities, and should be put on in view of the Equipment Desk attendant.

Please note that the wristbands use a hypoallergenic adhesive. If you are concerned about skin irritation from the wristbands, please purchase a sweat band to wear on your wrist and place the wristband around it.

Wearing a wristband identifies you to the University Center staff as being a valid member of the Carnegie Mellon community or a guest thereof, and allows you to use the facilities. Wristband checks are used to ensure that only members of the Carnegie Mellon community, and their guests, are using the facilities and equipment because of the limited exercise space and equipment.

If you use the exercise facilities and do not wear a wristband, you will be asked to please return to the Equipment Desk to receive a wristband in order to continue using the facilities.

Comment cards available at the Equipment Desk

If you would like to leave a comment about service you have received, equipment that is inoperable or broken, or suggestions for improving our facilities, we encourage you to fill out a comment card available at the Equipment Desk.

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Comments and questions regarding athletic policies for the University Center should be directed to Pattye Stragar, Operations Manager for Fitness & Aquatics, at