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Danforth Lounge

The Danforth Lounge is a large reception space located on the second floor overlooking the Gesling Stadium. It features five round tables and a set of 12 lounge chairs in the center. Please note that a fee will be charged for labor if the room setup has been rearranged.


Request a reservation through our online scheduling system (login required). Please note that it is unavailable for reservation during lunchtime on weekdays.


  • Existing seating
  • Two side tables that can be used for meeting materials or catering

Multimedia equipment (projector, screen, speakers, etc.) is available for a rental fee. Visit our Multimedia Services page for more information.

Danforth Lounge

Standard room setup

Danforth diagram
Reception style for 32

Dimensions: 34ft. diameter

Standard setup
Reception style 32

Existing furniture

  • Round tables: 42in. diameter
  • Rectangular tables: 54in. x 30in.