Mission Statement-Jared L. Cohon University Center at Carnegie Mellon University - Carnegie Mellon University

Mission Statement

To act as a campus crossroads that promotes learning, social interaction, and recreation

To contribute to the campus quality of life by offering facilities, programs, and activities of interest and value to the Carnegie Mellon University community

In support of this mission

  • The Cohon University Center is a community center: a place to go and interact with colleagues and make new acquaintances. As a community center, it meets the recreational, social, retail, and food service needs of the campus.
  • The Cohon University Center provides facilities for teaching and learning that may be used by the members of the campus community or external organizations whose primary purpose is education.
  • The Cohon University Center is an important front door to the community, providing opportunities for the university community to interact with friends and neighbors in ways that are of mutual benefit.