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Spirituality & Meaning Making Programs

Carnegie Mellon, like many other institutions, provides exceptional outlets for the intellectual, emotional, artistic, professional, cultural and the leadership development of students. However, what sets us apart is a strong and sincere focus of the spiritual development of our students. Over time, most colleges and universities have strayed away from intentionally supporting students find their place in the world or make meaning from their experiences.

CMU takes pride in purposefully creating opportunities for students to pause, engage in self-inquiry, and to reflect upon and to articulate ones moral fabric. We encourage our students to self-author and own their personal visions and core values. As an institution of higher learning, we have the responsibility to invite them to ask, reflect upon, and answer the deep questions of life; who is my Self and what is my Work?

Rogers and Dantley (2001) make the case that “A well-developed spiritual intelligence provides a powerful new framework for understanding one’s place in the world”. The scholars continue to state that, “those possessed of a high spiritual intelligence, seem to develop particular capacities and insights”. These insights include:

  • A deep sense of the inter-connectedness of life.
  • They know intimately what it means to be part of or create community.
  • They know themselves well and practice integrity, reflection, and collaboration.
  • They can suspend their own assumptions in order to truly listen to and understand the Other.
  • They know what they ultimately serve and are connected intimately with a higher power.
  • They operate from a sense of “I have to.”
  • They do not depend only on themselves for the vision of the organization or the cause to which they are committed.
  • They use power ethically and can give it away without feeling a loss of self.
  • They do not project pain or addiction on others.
  • They create conditions that release human possibility and creativity.
  • They are life-giving.

Spirituality and Meaning Making Programs run the gamut from collaborative interfaith work with the religious student organizations to the Big Questions program. We intently cater to the interests and desires of students all along the spirituality spectrum. That is, we provide opportunities for those students who are immersed in their religious/spiritual journey as well as those students interested in exploring secular queries of their Self.

Down the left side of the page you will find links and further information regarding the initiatives and resources under the auspices of the Spirituality and Meaning Making Programs. Please do not hesitate to be in touch. Enjoy the exploration!