Storage-Student Life - Carnegie Mellon University



As a convenience to students who reside in university housing, Student Life offers storage during times when residential areas are closed in the following buildings:

  • Donner
  • Doherty
  • Henderson (Residents Only)
  • Morewood Gardens
  • Mudge
  • Shirley Apartments
  • Stever
  • West Wing/Resnik


  • Only residents currently living in campus housing and returning to campus housing are permitted to store items in campus storage.
  • Limit 5 boxes per resident.  Boxes are provided by the student.
  • Each box must not exceed 20"h x 20"w x 20" in dimension.
  • No bicycles, couches, beds, etc.
  • Mini-Refrigerators are acceptable, but must be defrosted and drained prior to placing in storage. (Counts towards the 5 box limit)
  • Every box must be labeled with sticker provided.
  • A storage agreement must be signed and a copy presented to reclaim your items. Agreements are completed at the storage area.
  • CMU student ID card is needed to place or retrieve items from storage.
  • There is no cost for storage. Storage is on a first come, first served basis and is not guaranteed. Once an area is closed no additional items may be stored there.
  • Carnegie Mellon Univeristy is not responsible for any of the items placed in the designated storage areas of the University.
  • Access to storage areas outside of the posted hours below is rarely granted.  Please plan accordingly and do not store anything that is needed immediately upon your return.
  • Large wheeled red carts are available at all residence halls that have desk attendants for students to use when transporting their belongings to storage sites.
A copy of the storage contract is available here.

Contracts will be available at all storge locations during the open dates and times.


Storage will be open on the following dates for students to either remove items currently in storage or put items into storage. Generally dates for placing items in storage and retrieving items follow the academic calendar meaning that dates occur at the beginning and end of each semester.

Fall 2016

  • Tuesday, August 16th, 9pm-11pm (for early arrivals)
  • Thursday, August 25th, 9pm-11pm
  • Friday, August 26th, 4pm-6pm (to accomodate for House Wars)
  • Saturday, August 27th, 1pm-3pm & 9pm-11pm
  • Sunday, August 28th, 1pm-3pm & 9pm-11pm
  • Tuesday, August 30th, 9pm-11pm


The following are some alternative off-campus storage facilities/service providers. Please note that the names of these companies are provided solely as a courtesy for your information. The list implies neither an affiliation of any kind with Carnegie Mellon, nor an endorsement by Carnegie Mellon of the scope or quality of the services they provide. Carnegie Mellon assumes no responsibility or liability of any kind should you choose to engage any of these independent service providers.

Off Campus Storage Locations (.doc)