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Silicon Valley: Master of Science in Software Management

Developing Software Leaders 

The Master of Science in Software Management at Carnegie Mellon University prepares you to be a successful innovator in the software industry.  We teach you the skills necessary to build a career in product management, in managing a software development organization, and for innovating within the enterprise or in your own startup.  

Like an MBA, this degree gives you the business skills you want.  Unlike an MBA, we've tailored the Software Management degree for people in technical careers, providing the parts of a business education that you need and will use.  You'll learn marketing and operations so you can design and execute your product strategy.  You'll learn accounting and finance so you can navigate financial statements and understand the fiscal health of a business.  You won't study these classic topics in isolation because we know that students learn better in real contexts.  Our courses are designed to integrate these business skills within the context of authentic, real-world projects.  You practice these skills on team projects, so you can apply them confidently in your job.

To truly stand out in the competitive software industry, you’ll also need to master modern approaches for managing software people, processes, and projects.  This skill set requires proficiency in both business and technology domains, equipping you whether you will work in a large or small company or whether you are an entrepreneur.

Foundation courses in software people, process, and project management, combined with our advanced courses in software product development and enterprise innovation prepare you for a variety of leadership roles in a software-intensive business:

  • Software Product Manager
  • Software Project Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Director of Software Development
  • VP/Director of Engineering
  • Entrepreneur

Refer to the Careers page to see where our graduates are currently working.

Whether you want to innovate in the enterprise, be a product manager, become an entrepreneur, manage a software development organization, or be a better software project manager or development lead, you need to move beyond technology-only thinking, and gain the knowledge and confidence to apply business skills to:

  • Continually assess a product’s competitive position in an evolving market.
  • Continually assess the quality of a product (your own or your company’s).
  • Abandon or refine a product idea (known as a ‘pivot’) based on customer feedback, feasibility estimates, or new entrants or circumstances in the market.
  • Work in diverse teams to address various issues that arise in the software industry.
  • Become a leader who is capable of resolving differences of opinion and inspiring those around you.

Students come to the Software Management graduate program with a solid technical software foundation, gained through education and experience.  While in the program, they build business knowledge and leadership skills on top of their software development and engineering background.  

All of our courses - in product innovation, business, and engineering management - are tailored specifically to the needs of the software industry.  All of the instructors who teach in the Software Management program have extensive industry experience in these domains, in addition to their academic credentials.

This unique graduate program is offered through CMU’s Integrated Innovation Institute — a jointly supported venture of the College of EngineeringTepper School of Business, and the Carnegie Mellon School of Design within the College of Fine Arts that focuses on education and research in innovation methods and practice. The three schools have united to cross-train students to become elite innovators, enhancing the effectiveness of thinking and generating results. Currently, the Software Management program is only available at CMU’s Silicon Valley campus, on campus or via our interactive distance learning program.


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