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The Integrated Innovation Institute offers admissions to master degrees at our two campus locations - Pittsburgh and Silicon Valley. All application materials are submitted through our external application system, DecisionDesk.

Applications are now open for the fall 2016 term. Begin your application by creating an account in DecisionDesk.

Application Deadlines

Application requirements and deadlines vary slightly for each degree program:

Pittsburgh Campus

Applications for our Master of Integrated Innovation for Products & Services and MII-PS Advanced Study degree programs must be submitted by Monday, February 1st, 2016.

Silicon Valley Campus

Our Silicon Valley campus has the following application rounds for its full-time and part-time Software Management degree program:

Silicon Valley Campus Round 1 Round 2
Full-time December 1 March 1
Part-time March 1 June 1

Software Management applicants from Southern India

Due to the recent flooding throughout the region, we have extended our December 1st deadline for first round applications until Tuesday, December 29th.


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