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Master of Integrated Innovation for Products & Services (Pittsburgh Campus)

Become an Elite Innovator

Not all innovation ideas are equally successful in the marketplace. Through this degree, you will become an elite innovator who understands how to identify significant opportunities and who knows how to create successful new products and services and interactive experiences. 

Our Master of Integrated Innovation for Products & Services (MII-PS) program excels at cross-training engineers, designers, business students and those in related fields in the relevant skills and knowledge for innovation. Students graduate to become accomplished practitioners and leaders of the product development process.  As just a few examples, our graduates have taken jobs with Motorola Solutions, Frog Designs and Nissan North America working as Product Managers, Senior Design Researchers and Associate Brand Managers.

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This degree offers a 9-month format as well as a 16-month Advanced Study option. See how integrated innovation comes to life by exploring the program's Integrated Product Development (IPD) Capstone and viewing course descriptions.

Featured MII-PS Alumni: Luke Fromowitz & Chronos Co-Founder Turns Any Regular Watch Into a Smart Device

Luke Fromowitz

With new smartwatch technology gaining popularity, many people face a tough decision: should I retire my old watch and upgrade to “smart” technology, or stick with the look and feel I love? Integrated Innovation Institute's alumnus Luke Fromowitz has an answer: Chronos, a small device that gives your traditional watch smart capabilities by attaching to its back." Read more...

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