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Integrated Innovation Institute

The Integrated Innovation Institute at Carnegie Mellon trains students to become elite innovators, teaching them the discipline of product and service innovation.  Just like successful products or services, successful innovation covers technological performance (engineering), human interface (design), and economic value (business). The institute cross trains students in engineering, design, and business to enhance their thinking and to generate results, focusing on education and research in innovation methods and practice.

The Integrated Innovation Institute impacts both industry and society through its professional master's degree programs, applied research and executive education.  As a bicoastal Institute, it is located in Pittsburgh, PA and in the heart of Silicon Valley at Carnegie Mellon's campus in Mountain View, CA.

Featured Research: Exploring the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) imagines a future where billions of internet-enabled ‘smart’ products connect. We are asking not how to make them connect, but rather how to connect them in a meaningful way. To make people’s live better, to bring people together though these devices and to enrich human-to-human interaction through device-to-device connections. Learn more on our IoT Research page.

Master of Integrated Innovation for Products & Services

Master of Science in Software Management

Master of Science in Technology Ventures