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Dining Services Partners with 412 Food Rescue Partner to Reduce ...

Carnegie Mellon Dining Services is expanding its efforts to reduce food waste through a new partnership with 412 Food Rescue, a local food recovery organization founded by CMU ... Read More ยป

Dining Services at Carnegie Mellon University

Inspired by Carnegie Mellon University’s global reach and impact as well as its inherent tie to Pittsburgh, CMU’s dining program is globally inspired and locally rooted. We are passionate about bringing global flavors and cuisines to our students’ tables and equally committed to serving fresh, local ingredients while also supporting local restaurateurs who make CMU’s eating scene eclectic, delicious, and healthy.

Carnegie Mellon students are driven, busy, and on-the-go no matter the time of day. Our dining model enhances the student academic experience by offering convenient options at more than 34 campus locations. By providing dining venues right where our students live, study, work, and socialize – with flexible hours for both the early birds and the night owls – dining at CMU fosters a community-oriented experience for the entire campus.

Dining options and cuisines are as diverse as the students we serve. Ethnic options abound – Indian, Pan-Asian, Mexican, and Mediterranean are just a sampling of the global cuisines we are proud to offer. Health nuts have options at every location on campus, including fresh vegetables, lean proteins, and seasonal fruits, as well as eateries dedicated to vegan and vegetarian meals, smoothies, and build-your-own salads.  For those late night study sessions when only a pizza will do or when it’s wing night for our sports enthusiasts, we have those indulgent options, too.