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For Parents and Prospective Students

You play an important role in your student's career development, and we encourage you to become familiar with the services offered by the Career and Professional Development Center.  The CPDC web site provides you with information about our services and job search resources.

How Can I Help with My Student’s Career Development?

  • Encourage your student to visit the Career and Professional Development Center and explore a variety of career fields
  • Discuss your experiences in college and the job world. Help your student reflect on what he or she wants from a career
  • Share your experiences with interviewing, networking, and career decision-making
  • Once your student has chosen a career to explore, help arrange informational interviews with coworkers, family, or friends in the same (or a related) career field
  • Make a commitment to talk (and listen) to your student about career-related issues and challenges

MyCareerPath: My Career, My Way

The Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC) believes each person is unique – and thus each person’s career journey will be unique. We also realize working on one’s career journey will often fall outside of traditional business hours.  Knowing this, in addition to face-to-face meetings and in-person workshops, the CPDC offers self-paced and self-directed career resources program to CMU students and alumni called MyCareerPath.

Post-Graduation Statistics

See where last year's class went after graduating from Carnegie Mellon:  graduate school, employers, and locations.  Find out the high, low, median and average salaries for students in each field at the Salaries and Destinations page of our website.

Recruit Our Students

If your company or organization is interested in hiring Carnegie Mellon students and alumni, please register for a Handshake account.  This will allow you to post jobs and internships, as well as search the student resume database.  For more information, please read our instructions for posting jobs and internships.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition, we have provided you with answers to frequently asked questions and information about ways in which you may become involved.

What Services Does the Career and Professional Development Center Provide?

When Should My Student Visit the Career and Professional Development Center?

Who should my student meet with?

What If My Student Doesn’t Know What He or She Wants To Do?

What If My Student Wants to Major in Something that Doesn’t Seem Practical?

What is an Internship?

When is the Best Time to Look for a Job or Internship?

How Can My Student Find a Job or Internship?

Should My Student Work During College?

What Should My Students Be Doing if He or She is Interested in Graduate Study?

Information from the CPDC to give parents insight on what is provided in the office for their students. Find it here!

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