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About Us 

The Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC) at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) is a centralized career center staffed by a team of 24 enthusiastic, dedicated, and highly-educated professionals who orchestrate the career exploration, experiential learning, and career networking needs of students and alumni.  

Mission Statement
The CPDC empowers students and alumni to optimize their professional and life potential through career exploration, experiential learning, and connections with employers and opportunities.

What is your career passion? We can help.
Across the division of student affairs at CMU, you will find a commitment to individualized attention.  In the CPDC, you can see this commitment through our career consultants who work with specific colleges, departments, and majors. The Career Consultants work closely with their academic departments to develop a level of expertise to help you embark on your academic and professional journey.

The Career Consultants are available to meet with you from the first day you begin at CMU to the last day you are here, and even beyond when you are an alumnus. We will help you to develop your career path from choosing a major, writing a resume, and learning how to interview and network. We hope that you will find your career passion by experimenting with summer internships, research opportunities, and campus organizations/clubs.

We also offer two layers of additional career advising for you:  the undergraduate Career Peer Mentors and the Career Counseling Internship for Graduate Students.  The staff and students work together to provide seamless, effective service for you.


Quick 15-minute meetings with Career Consultants are available M-F, 11:30am-1:30pm at the West Wing 2nd floor Advising Center while school is in session.  No appointment necessary!  

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Learn about the CPDC's commitment to the environment and our efforts to operate as greenly as possible as part of the campus-wide Scotty Goes Green initiative.


Scotty Goes Green

Our Career Peer Mentors are also availabe to deliver on-site programs for your dorm or organization.  Complete the request form.

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