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Scheduling of University Facilities

Scheduling of Space

Any Student Senate recognized organization is entitled to reserve available meeting space on the campus without rental fee. Charges for special services may be made if deemed necessary. Any student organization holding a function, dance, or social event in the Cohon University Center with 100 or more people in attendance must employ a campus police officer for the event. If there are more than 200 people in attendance two officers must be present. The following procedures should be followed in making requests for space and special services:

  1. Requests for space should be made through the online space request system through the Cohon University Center.
  2. Arrangements for food service should be made by calling Dining Services at 412-268-2129 or email.
  3. Arrangements for media technology needs should be made by calling 412-268-8855 or email.

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Rules Governing Rental of Space by Non-University Organization

A non-university organization is one in which the membership and leadership consist primarily of individuals who are not members of the Carnegie Mellon community. The mere presence of Carnegie Mellon students and/or faculty in the general membership or even in positions of leadership of an organization does not make it a university organization, nor does the fact that the request for facilities is made either by a faculty member or a student. Where student organizations “sponsor” non-university organizations as defined above, the request will be treated as if the non-university organization itself had made the request.

Non-university organizations may be allowed to use Carnegie Mellon facilities under the following conditions:

  1. They are organized primarily for professional or educational purposes.
  2. The request for facilities is submitted in writing at least 30 days prior to the event.
  3. The presence of the function on campus will not interfere with the normal activities of the university.
  4. Where there is a question in the mind of the authorizing officer about the appropriateness of the request, it will be referred immediately to the dean of students and the appropriate campus administrators.
  5. When a university group requests facilities for a meeting at which substantial off-campus attendance would be expected and notice of the meeting would be disseminated beyond the campus, the request must be reviewed with the dean of students and the appropriate campus administrators.
  6. If an event is to be approved that will substantially reduce the facilities available for student use during periods when students are in residence, the request will be discussed with the Student Government before final approval is given.
  7. All requests for the use of Carnegie Mellon facilities by non-university organizations shall be made originally with the Office of Conference and Event Services at 412-268-1125 or via email. Permission to use facilities may not be assumed until a room reservation form has been signed by the Office of Conference and Event Services or the dean of students.

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