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Orientation Counselor Application

The application process for Orientation Counselor positions for 2017 is now available! Click here to apply!

Please direct any questions to the Head Orientation Counselors at cmuorientation2017@gmail.com.

General Roles and Expectations

    • Be available for trainings and throughout Orientation Week
    • Understand the role that Orientation plays in the lives of new students at Carnegie Mellon University
    • Serve as mentor and academic and social role model for first year students
    • Have the ability to see things from the perspective of our new students, their family and guests
    • Exhibit the ability to work effectively with a diverse group of team members
    • Value differences in others and promote an understanding of respect for various opinions, values and cultural backgrounds
    • Communicate accurate information to new students regarding campus resources, policies and regulations
    • Work collaboratively with Residence Life Staff, Housefellow staff and other members of the Division of Student Affairs
    • Facilitate and lead small group discussions
    • Represent Carnegie Mellon before student organizations, faculty, campus departments, administrators, alumni, new students and their families
    • Promote the cultural, academic, social, recreational and spiritual opportunities available in Pittsburgh
    • Orientation Counselors must have a 2.50 cumulative QPA and be an enrolled undergraduate or graduate student for next fall

Important Dates

February - March


Deadline for Orientation Counselor Application submissions


Hard deadline to sign up for group interviews

Applicants are each required to participate in a 2½ hour group interview process. There are 8 2½ hour time blocks available.  Each applicant must sign up for one of these time slots to be considered and must be available for the entire time.

Details about the sign up process will be forthcoming upon email receipt of the application.


Orientation Counselor Interviews

Week of 4/10

Applicants will be notified


Mandatory Training, 11:00am - 4:30pm University Center


Mandatory Orientation Leader (OL) Training


Mandatory Orientation Counselor (OC) Staff Training


Orientation 2017!!! :)


For questions

Anne Witchner, Director of Orientation - 412-268-4886