Carnegie Mellon University

Sending and Receiving Items

All students who have been assigned a student mail code (SMC) mailbox number, which can found on their Student Information Online (SIO) webpage, should use the following address:

Student First and Last Name
SMC Number
5032 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15289

For security reasons, carriers are not permitted to deliver anything to dorms. Please refrain from using your dorm address for any mailings or packages. For more information, see our incoming student mail webpage.

See our faculty/staff incoming mail webpage for details about sending mail to campus.

Postal Services collects and delivers campus mail to any department capable of receiving the mail. Any department that is not currently able to physcially receive mail will have their mail held at our main location on the lower level of the Cohon University Center. An authorized departmental representative may come and claim a department’s mail/packages from that location. Use the Department Contact Form to designate a primary and secondary contact for your department. Please contact us if you wish to resume regular deliveries to your department.

When possible, please avoid sending packages to campus if you will not be present. We also ask that you update your online accounts and correspondence to reflect your current address while working away from campus.

We are able to set up a forward for USPS packages only. To do so, please visit our website and fill out a forwarding form. Forwarding campus mail through USPS directly is not allowed. Please note that we cannot forward to international destinations due to USPS regulations.

For mail coming through any other carrier (such as UPS, FedEx, Amazon, DHL, LaserShip), contact the carrier directly for their available options. Please contact us with any special requests you have regarding any non-USPS package that has already arrived to campus.

We may be able to place some packages, depending on their size, in the parcel pickup lockers, which are available during and after business hours. Read more about requesting a parcel pickup locker.

Personal packages for faculty or staff should not be sent to campus locations, especially during the holidays, as they can overload the campus mail system. This can lead to significant delays for items deemed time-critical and essential to the operation of the university. Please have all personal items sent to your home address or consider renting a mailbox on CMU's campus.

For USPS packages, please contact us for assistance. If you experience any difficulties with a non-USPS carrier delivery, please contact the carrier directly first. If you cannot resolve the delivery issue or cannot contact the carrier, then contact us for assistance. Amazon's delivery model does not include a local route driver, so we recommend that you coordinate carefully with Amazon for deliveries.

Please do not send packages to campus if you will not be present to receive it. We ask that you update your online accounts and correspondence to reflect your current address while you are away from campus. If you inadvertently place an order to campus, please contact the company you ordered from as soon as possible after placing your order and attempt to have the address updated or the package rerouted.

Abandoned Amazon packages should be reported to Postal Services.

Medical and Time-Critical Items

If you have medication that needs to be refrigerated, you must call Health Services at (412) 268-2157, option 2, to speak with a nurse prior to having your items sent to campus. All medicine and other time-sensitive items sent to your campus address must be received one to two weeks BEFORE you need it.

Be sure to use your correct address -- any mail or packages that do not contain enough information for delivery will be returned to the sender. Refer to the guidance for incoming student/SMC campus mail for assistance. Please verify that the sender has the correct information before placing an order so that the mail or package can delivered correctly and in a timely manner.