Carnegie Mellon University

SMC Mail Forwarding

Date Forwarding Begins:  mm/dd/yyyy
Date Forwarding Ends (if known):  mm/dd/yyyy
Your Full Name:
Your AndrewID:
The address is given for: Summer Address
New Permanent Address
Study Abroad
Leave of Absence
If "Other", please explain:
Address 1:
Address 2:

1. Only United States Postal Service domestic mail and packages sent through First-class, Priority, and Priority Express services will be forwarded and cannot be forwarded internationally. Please contact DHL, FedEx, and UPS directly to make forwarding arrangements for packages they may ship to you.

2. If you provide a new permanent address after graduation, your mail will be forwarded for 30 days after commencement. After 30 days, mail received at Postal Services will be returned to sender. Please contact your magazine subscriptions and other senders to inform them of your new address. Summer forwards are effective until August 1st. Other forwards are effective until you return to campus or lose your SMC. Please make sure to notify us when you return to campus so that we can stop mail forwarding.