Carnegie Mellon University

Postal Services offers several additional services and supplies, as outlined below. Please note that actual dimensions may vary slightly and that prices are subject to change without notice.

Postal Services sells Memo brand money orders and complies with all anti-money laundering regulations. The fee for each money order is $1.05. Please note the following restrictions.

  • All money orders must be paid for in cash -- no exceptions. The $1.05 fee(s) can be paid for with any type of payment normally accepted.
  • Each money order has a maximum of $500.00. For amounts exceeding $500.00, you will need to purchase multiple money orders, along with the corresponding fees.
  • The money orders are sold through the Memo company. These are not USPS or postal money orders. If you require a postal or USPS money order, you will need to visit an official USPS Post Office.
  • We do not offer international money orders at this time. Please check with your local bank for this type of service.
  • We cannot cash money orders or refund a money order purchased through us.

CMU departments can purchase stamps from Postal Services and have them charged to your Oracle account. Please fill out a Universal Requisition Form [pdf]. You may send it to us either by campus mail or by bringing it to our Cohon University Center location. We will then deliver your order during our next scheduled delivery to your department.

Learn more about renting a mailbox on CMU's campus.

15"x12"x10" (Double-walled) - $2.70
18"x12"x12" (Double-walled) - $2.65
24"x15"x12" (Double-Walled) - $3.10
18"x18"x18" - $3.05
20"x20"x20" - $2.80
31"x24"x13" - $3.90

Standard #10 Security Envelopes (self-seal) - $0.10
6"x9" Envelope (self-seal) - $0.20
9"x12" Envelope (self-seal) - $0.30
10"x13" Envelope (self-seal) - $0.40
6"x10" (#0) Padded Envelope (self-seal) - $0.25
7.25"x12" (#1) Padded Envelope (self-seal) - $0.50
8.5"x12" (#2) Padded Envelope (self-seal) - $0.60
10.5"x16" (#5) Padded Envelope (self-seal) - $0.90
12.5"x19" (#6) Padded Envelope (self-seal) - $1.45
14.5"x20" (#7) Padded Envelope (self-seal) - $1.70

Bubble Wrap (1' x 1') - $0.20
Bubble Wrap Roll (10' x 1') - $1.45
Packing Tape - $1.30

Please note that we do not currently offer the following services:

  • Passport photos - For passport photo assistance, see CMU's Tartan Ink copy and print center. Learn more about applying for and renewing U.S. passports.
  • Delivery of personal mail to faculty and staff - Please send all personal items to your home address or consider renting a mailbox on CMU's campus.
  • Delivery of non-USPS packages to faculty and staff - Contact these carriers directly if you need to report any issues.