Carnegie Mellon University

In addition to the university's general incoming mail guidelines, the following information applies to incoming mail sent to CMU faculty and staff.

Faculty/staff that are changing their internal office location (for example, a departmental change) should contact us promptly to ensure timely mail delivery.

If your entire department is moving to a new location, either temporarily or permanently, please complete a Departmental Move Request Form [pdf]. If the move is temporary, please submit a second form indicating when the department will return to its original location.

USPS mail and parcels are usually delivered one business day after arrival. Items sent through USPS Express Mail (including both mail and parcels) are normally delivered the same business day they are received. USPS mail and parcels addressed to a department are only available for pickup at the Postal Services main location in emergency situations. Otherwise, the recipient must wait until their departmental mailroom receives the item(s), request a special delivery or rent an SMC Mailbox.

CMU departments may submit a Special Delivery Form [pdf] to have campus mail picked up or delivered before their next scheduled mail pick-up/delivery, or for timely or sensitive mail for which the departments prefer to have a signature. The special delivery fee is $12.00 for the first piece of mail and $8.00 for each additional piece. Special deliveries must be prearranged through Postal Services. Please contact us before 10 a.m. to schedule a special delivery, or for emergency situations that occur after 10 a.m.

Faculty and staff should avoid using CMU's Postal Services for incoming personal mail and parcels, as this can overload the university mail system. We also ask that you do not use Carnegie Mellon University as a return address for personal mail for the same reason. Please have all personal mail and parcels sent to your home address when possible.

If you wish to receive personal mail on campus, you may rent an SMC mailbox in the Cohon University Center.