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DOE-DE-FOA-0001385, Solutions to Improving the Energy Efficiency of U.S. Small and Medium Commercial Buildings

Through this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), Department of Energy (DOE) seeks to fund the scale-up of promising solutions to the market barriers that hinder the growth of energy efficiency in the small and medium commercial buildings and tenant spaces. The objective of this funding is to build a path for market-ready solutions to be used at scale across the United States (US) to improve commercial building energy efficiency.

Agency Concept Paper Deadline: 12/04/2015
Agency Full Proposal Deadline: 02/01/2016

If you are interested in this opportunity, submit a pre-proposal by way of online form by 5:00PM, Friday, November 13, 2015.

Format for pre-proposal:

  • Project summary (2 pages maximum): Include the project title, sponsor/program and list all investigators and the primary college/school with which they are affiliated. Summarize the proposed project, including the motivation for the project and any relevant prior work and the projected timeline. (Note: Figures DO count toward the page limit but references do NOT.)
  • Draft Budget (1 page maximum): Identify specific budget items and amounts requested, with brief justifications.

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