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An interactive process map to learn more about each step in the award process. Receive Award Gather Award Information Processed to SPA

Gathering Award Information

The process consists of the following steps:

  • An  OSP Award Administrator will complete the award demographic and financial summary information on the new Award Setup form, and send it to the Principal Investigator (PI) and the relevant business managers/research administrators 
  • Compliance information such as human subjects research (IRB), animal research (IACUC) and recombinant DNA (rDNA) protocol numbers should be provided by the individual completing the form, unless they start later during the project. In which case, relevant information can be provided via comments.

NOTE: It would be best for you to create a protocol shell by submitting the “Basic Information” smartform in SPARCS IRB (or IACUC) and provide the study number to your research administrator for inclusion in the form. This will prevent repeat emails for status related communications.

  • Departmental research administrators will receive a separate notification from OSP with a request for a budget that is reconciled to the amount of funding received from the sponsor.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the PI once the submission of compliance information has been completed. 
  • ORIC and/or Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) will also receive a notification based on the information provided by the department on the electronic form.  
  • ORIC and OSP will work with the PI to resolve any issues and negotiate the award.
  • Once all required compliance information has been processed by OSP/ORIC; the reconciled budget has been received; ancillary reviews from impacted departments have been completed; award negotiations have been completed; and the agreement has been executed; OSP will forward the award to the Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA) to create the account string for charging to the project.

Any modifications will be handled in a similar manner.

  • Compliance updates via the form will be requested only if human subjects or animal research are involved in the scope of work, and associated protocols have either expired or 30 days within the expiry date without a renewal in progress in SPARCS.
  • Reconciled budgets will be requested for an increment only if it is not included in the total awarded amount stated in the sponsor document/agreement.

Internal Request for Award Extension and Requests for Early Centers

Business Managers from various departments put through internal requests to the Award Research Administrator to set up an Early Center or to extend an already set-up award until an amendment comes from the Sponsor. 

If it is a request for Early Center, a fully signed proposal is attached before processing to SPA.

If it is a request for an award extension, the Award Research Administrator will make sure the award is able to be extended.

Both requests are signed by OSP before being electronically transmitted to SPA.