Carnegie Mellon University

Publication Policy

The academic mission of the university is to create an environment which promotes the free exchange of ideas and facilitates the dissemination of knowledge.  This mission requires members of the university to be able to publish research results in a timely manner. The university recognizes, however, that premature publishing of information concerning scientific or technical developments conceived or first actually reduced to practice in the performance of a project may adversely affect the patent, copyright, or proprietary interests of sponsor.  Normally, our faculty will not agree to a delay beyond 30 days prior to submission (sponsor requested 60 days).

Although we can agree to some delay on faculty publication (by university policy total delays cannot exceed 90 days), we cannot agree to any delays on student theses. Under university policy we simply cannot jeopardize our students careers by entering into an agreement that might delay their graduation or their ability to seek employment.  We can, however, address your concerns about by providing drafts of a thesis for the company to review prior to thesis publication.