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July 06, 2023

Mohit Bhardwaj Earns Gruber Fellowship

By Kirsten Heuring

Jocelyn Duffy
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Mohit Bhardwaj is making waves in the field of astrophysics and cosmology and has earned a Gruber Foundation Fellowship for his research on Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs).

"Receiving the Gruber Fellowship is a tremendous honor, and I am incredibly grateful to the International Astronomical Union and the Gruber Foundation for recognizing and supporting my research," Bhardwaj said. "This fellowship provides me with invaluable opportunities to expand my scientific network, collaborate with esteemed researchers and pursue my passion for fast radio bursts. I am truly excited about the possibilities and the impact this fellowship will have on my scientific journey."

Bhardwaj received his Ph.D. in 2022 from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Since September 2022, he has been a McWilliams Postdoctoral Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University.

FRBs are powerful radio waves that last only a few milliseconds yet emit more energy than the Sun does in three days. They can travel vast distances across galaxies, but they are only dimly detectable from Earth. Currently, astronomers are unsure of their origins, but Bhardwaj said he hopes to change that.

"Their immense power, cosmological reach and enigmatic origins present a captivating puzzle to solve," Bhardwaj said. "Unraveling the astrophysical processes behind FRBs holds the potential for groundbreaking discoveries and pushing the boundaries of our understanding of the universe."

Tiziana DiMatteo, a professor of physics and director of the McWilliams Center for Cosmology, said that Bhardwaj's research could lead to significant advances in understanding the universe.

"Throughout his time working in the McWilliams Center, Mohit has consistently demonstrated exceptional talent, deep intellectual curiosity, and a remarkable work ethic." DiMatteo said. "His passion for unraveling the mysteries of FRBs is evident in their rigorous research approach and innovative thinking. He has shown a remarkable ability to tackle complex problems and find creative solutions, contributing to the advancement of our understanding of these enigmatic astrophysical phenomena."

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