Carnegie Mellon University

Barry M. Goldwater Scholars

Undergraduate Award

By providing scholarships to college sophomores and juniors who intend to pursue research careers in the natural sciences, mathematics and engineering, the Goldwater Foundation is helping ensure that the U.S. is producing the number of highly-qualified professionals the Nation needs in these critical fields. Over its 30-year history, Goldwater Scholarships have been awarded to thousands of undergraduates, many of whom have gone on to win other prestigious awards like the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Fellowship, Rhodes Scholarship, Churchill Scholarship and the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship that support our Scholars’ graduate school work. Today, Goldwater alumni can be found conducting research that is helping defend the Nation, finding cures for catastrophic diseases and teaching future generations of scientists, mathematicians and engineers.

Name Year Department
Subhasish Mukherjee 2023 Mathematical Sciences
Marcus Schafer 2023 Chemistry
Shweta Gudapati 2022 Biological Sciences
Khunpob Sereesuchart 2022 Mathematical Sciences
Ethan Lu 2021 Mathematical Sciences
Cassie Bishop 2020 Biological Sciences
Shiv Sethi 2020 Biological Sciences
Noah Stevenson 2020 Mathematical Sciences
William Fahy 2019 Chemistry
Jung Joo Suh 2019 Mathematical Sciences
Andrew Kwon 2018
Mathematical Sciences
Christina Cabana 2017 Chemistry
Joshua Brakensiek 2016 Mathematical Sciences
Jillian Jaycox 2015 Biological Sciences
Joshua Kubiak 2015 Chemistry & MSE
Stephanie Guerra 2011 Biological Sciences
Maxwell Hutchinson 2010 Physics
Timothy Helbig 2009 Biological Sciences
Swati Varshney 2009 Chemistry
Samuel Kim 2008 Biological Sciences
Andrew DeYoung 2008 Chemistry
Gregory Newby 2007 Biological Sciences
Samantha Spath 2007 Biological Sciences
John Stahlman 2007 Physics
Lauren Thorpe 2007 Biological Sciences
Satyan Pai 2006 Biological Sciences
Jennifer Anttonen 2005 Physics
Peter Battaglino 2004–2005 Physics
Shandor Dektor 2004–2005 Physics
Michael Katz-Hyman 2002–2003 Physics
Carl Eric Dahl 2001–2002 Physics
Eric Hilton 2001–2002 Physics
Nicholas Fitzkee 2000 Physics
Shane Davis 1999 Physics
Michael O'Kelly 1999 Physics